Let’s Do Better, America 

*Please note, this message is not directly related to this past weekends events. Just notes I’ve jotted down regarding things we need to work on as a society. This message is suppose to be conversational not looking to start a war so let’s be polite and respectful. 
We could go back and forth with all of the bad but that’s what they want us to do. Be blinded by the bad so we’re incapable of seeing progress or the good. It’s easy to spew hurtful remarks and repost the bad but I refuse to fuel the hate / negativity that’s bringing this world down. I was taught if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t speak. Sometimes we confuse disagreeing as hate. Because we’re taught don’t talk and race, religion, or politics and I think that’s what’s wrong. We’re not use to hearing other people’s perspective and reasoning so if they don’t share our same belief we immediately subconsciously get defensive. It doesn’t matter if we voted for different candidates, it matters that we are joining forces and working together despite our differences. Realistic we probably have more in common than we think but once again we focus on our differences which divides us instead of uniting us. If we start every conversation with respect and an open mind we change the world. I’m not saying you’ll agree 100% with me or vice versa but please note your opinion will be heard and respected and no hurtful remarks will be made. I 100% believe in holding people accountable for their actions but we must be consistent. We have to stop making this a race war that’s adding more fuel to the fire. I don’t care what color your skin is if you commit a crime you are held accountable, plain and simple. Lastly, we must take action against the media. If you look over the past 5 years at how they pinned Americans against each other is sickening. Their so concerned with pushing out content that they don’t report all the facts or only outline one side of the story. That triggers emotions which in response triggers violence. Don’t get me wrong report the bad stories , but please provide both sides of the stories don’t just broadcast to fuel the hate. And they need to report more good stories such as Americans uniting instead of always attacking. I believe you never put hands on another person unless your life’s in danger.      

It doesn’t matter what hat their wearing, what flag their holding, what hateful remarks their chanting. Think 5 steps ahead, okay that person doesn’t agree with me, will punching them make a difference? You hold yourself accountable and know that you are doing the right thing because two wrongs don’t make a right. Accountable starts with your friends, family, neighbors, social media followers. But accountability might seem like you’re snitching and well you know what people think about that but it’s not it’s standing up for what’s right. So you want to hold people accountable, what will you do regarding your brother selling drugs? Your niece ripping off welfare? Your uncle committing murder? Your aunt stealing?Your mom being an unfit parent? Your friend planning an attack? Your sister body shaming a classmate? Don’t turn a blind eye because it’s the easy thing to do. With all the hate in our society it should fuel you to do something that actually makes a difference. Hold local events in your community, bring people together and spread love. Don’t talk at each other talk with each other. Protest use to be peaceful and were able to get a message across. Nowadays they known to do more harm than good. Forget holding signs and chanting, let’s have a conversation where both sides are heard and nobody has to fear for their life but feel valued. But we first have to have the right intentions, going into the protest and I think that’s where we are off track today. We go to argue, spread hate, kill, harm instead of coming together and trying to resolve the issue at hand. Spread love and it will become contiguous ❤️


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